The VOICE Community Impact Award 2023

The VOICE Community Impact Award 2023  

The Foundation for the Voice of Immigrants in Canada for Empowerment (VOICE) is inviting nominations for The VOICE Community Impact Award for the year 2023.   

Award Description  

The VOICE Community Impact Award recognizes and honors outstanding contributions of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional contributions to the empowerment of immigrant/racialized communities. Special emphasis will be placed on the activities that involve outreach to the community and community capacity building. In this context, activities may include volunteer work, mentorship, leadership, knowledge creation, or the application of research and other scholarly endeavors through community organizing.  


Nominee Criteria: 

The nominee must fulfill all the following criteria: 

Selection Criteria: 

The nominee’s work must be focused on issues of the immigrant/racialized communities. The nominee demonstrates excellence in their area of work. The nominee pursues excellence through actions of integrity and dedication toward empowering other immigrants, makes remarkable efforts to bridge the immigrant community with the broader community by enhancing connection and understanding, advocates for knowledge creation and professional development, demonstrates significant advancement in policy and practice improvements, and/or demonstrates outstanding accomplishments that serve to inspire others within the immigrant communities. 


Nomination Process: 

The following should be included in the nomination package:

The nomination package must be submitted to “” with the subject: “The VOICE Community Impact Award 2023”. Nominations are due by the 15th of April 2023 (11:59pm MT). The Award recipient will be contacted in mid-May 2023.