Ongoing Project: Virtual Community for South Asian Seniors

Our ongoing project is a heartwarming initiative aimed at equipping senior immigrants with valuable digital literacy skills. We recognize that many seniors who have immigrated to our community may face challenges in adapting to the digital age, and we are dedicated to bridging this digital divide. Through a series of engaging workshops, one-on-one training, and a supportive learning environment, we are empowering these seniors with the knowledge and confidence they need to navigate the digital world. This project represents our commitment to fostering inclusivity, enabling social connections, and ensuring that senior immigrants can fully participate in our ever-evolving digital society.

Ramadan Food 

Hampers 2022

VOICE is raised funds to offer food hampers during the month of Ramadan to the families who are facing challenges meeting their basic needs, who are low-income or who need support.

Screentime with Seniors

As the coronavirus began to spread in early 2019, older immigrants experienced disproportionately greater adverse effects from social isolation, loneliness, and disruption to their daily routines.

VOICE identifies the need of culturally relevant mental health support to this vulnerable population. In light of this, we are offering a virtual platform for Bangladeshi senior women living in Calgary who can join and spend some meaningful time with each other.

Fighting COVID-19

Many immigrants, refugees and temporary foreign workers are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are experiencing tremendous challenges in meeting their daily needs (e.g. food, income support etc.). VOICE comes forward to provide support with the food and groceries partnering with community members and distribute food hampers and household stuff to the doors of the affected people.

Hailstorm 2020

The catastrophic hailstorm on June the 13th 2020 significantly damaged hundreds of houses and vehicles of residents in northeast Calgary who are mostly immigrants and refugees. The pandemic and the economic downturn made the damage more challenging for many residents. VOICE takes a lead to step up for the community and provides financial support to northeast residents in Calgary to repair their broken windshields and backglasses and make the cars drivable. 

Our team raised over $6000 and helped 25 families with their front and or back windshield that was completely damaged by the June 13 devasting hailstorm in the N.E. Calgary. These families, with only 3rd party insurance were struggling to pay for the repairs. At our call community members from various backgrounds stepped up including teachers from a school in Taradale who pooled their donations. We are extremely grateful for your support towards this project.